editing showtime shows in Beyond.

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by Brian, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Brian

    Brian New Member

    imported st show into beyond . can delete events but cant seem to copy and paste events or multiple events on single or multiple tracks. tried the old showtime way but no luck. im sure its simple but cant seem to get it.
  2. Hektek

    Hektek Beta Tester

    Copy and paste doesn't work, and sometimes even moving elements will mess up the programming. It's best to go back to Showtime to make changes then re-import. There are also a few items that don't import correctly, like extreme perspective. Sometimes there are masking issues, and times when animate only frames don't pick up the info from an effect underneath. But those can be fixed with Beyond settings. It is possible to work around almost every issue, and eventually get the show to play properly, but it takes practice to learn where each fix needs to be done.
  3. lorenzopompei

    lorenzopompei Active Member

    you can paste the events but you lose all the animation,
  4. firstlight

    firstlight Beta Tester

    Copy and paste of imported showtime shows work fine as long as you convert whatever events you're copying to a local cue and local effect first. I cut and paste showtime stuff all the time, sometimes into completely new Beyond shows. There is a weird bug where after you do the effects won't be applied to what you pasted until you add a new effect to at least one of the events. Then everything starts working as it should and you can delete that newly added effect.