Enttec DMX in and overflow error.

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    Hi to all !

    My target is to remote QS using DMX, because i already use dmx protocol on stage to control other lighting equipment.
    As master consolle i use a old SUNLITE software with usb interface on a pc. On stage i have the remote pc with QS and FB3s.
    The dmx in on QS works and i can recall cues and move cursor, but is not stable. After some minutes i have back a "dmx overflow error" :(
    I'm not sure if is possible to manage the parameters on sunlite dmx out, btw with many dmx equipment as smoke machine, lasers, moving heads i never had troubles.
    Any Ideas ?


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    Please contact Pangolin directly (for example, use our contact form and select the person Aaron) and request the very latest version of firmware for the Enttec. The very latest version of firmware works in a different way and will likely solve the problem.

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    William Benner