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    Hello People. I just connect my entteck with Beyond ultimate (FB3 hardware) as input and i did the connections etc. I am now on a point that i need to patch Beyond as a fixture on my desk. I am using an avolite Pearl 2004 desk and i need the fixture library to patch it. any idea about that?
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    BEYOND has 3 dmx profiles available. As far as My knowledge goes from avo, you will need to use the profile called QuickShow. This profile is also in the avolites library.
    http://personalities.avolites.com/?mainPage=Main.asp&ID=5347. The default dmx profile of BEYOND is the same as QuickShow.

    More advanced profiles for the perl are not available, as far as I know.
    If you want an overview of the dmx mapping of the 3 BEYOND options, let me know.