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    So I spent alot of time working on a show. Saved it as a workspace, in multiple places as back up. Went to open the work space and get this message.

    File do not provide a type table that is part of integrity check.
    Beyond will continue to load file. If the file will be loaded incorrectly then contact pangolin.

    Now, I am not using Beyond....I am using Quickshow. I cant open my workspace. Help!
  2. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    I am sorry to hear about the problem and it sounds strange. We would like to help, so please contact us using our contact form at For this particular message, you can select William Benner as the recipient.

    Please get the file into our hands somehow. Since the file is likely to be large, it can't be sent by email. However, these days there are many free file transferring facilities online such as DropBox and WeTransfer.

    If you could get the file into our hands, I am sure we can fix the problem quickly.

    Note that in emergency situations, you can also always call us on the telephone, at 1-800-PANGOLIN or +1-407-299-2088.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Thanks so much, let me know where to send the file please.

    Sent link via drop box. Thank you!
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