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    I like to use two apc20 in Beyond. One for the first grid and the second one for the second grid. When I setup the controllers in the midi tab where the midi controllers are setup I get a error message. Same name used twice disabled machine. The controller names are indeed the same because they are the same. I can't seem to change the name.

    I have changed the friendly name in windows in the regedit to APC20_2 but this name is not used. It seems the Beyond is using the name which is read directly from the controller itself. I think i can't change that name.

    Is there another way to use two of the same (apc20) midi controllers?

    I'm using windows7.
    Hope you can help me.

    Thanks in advanced.
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    BEYOND work with MIDI devices according to Windows API, MIDI Functions ( . OK, not important. A new build will add index of device to the name if there there are more than one equal devices. I think it should help. However, order of devices depends on Windows. I am sure there will appear a number of other questions.
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    Thanks so far I think the new version will do fine.

    For now I have found a temperarly workaround. Rename a registry entry between connecting the first and second controller sets the name different.
    This only needs to be done every time you start beyond. Made a smal scipt to do for me but not ideal. I got it now working fine with this script

    Perhaps you do the selection by "friendly name" in the registry this nam can be set permantly. This is done in other software so I think it should be possible.

    I will wait for the new version hope and see if it works more easier. The order is now not giving me a problem. I think windows has a fixed formula for the order so it will be the same every time I think.

    Many thanks
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