Errors in DMX-Out using Showtime

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    one of my customers has problems using DMX frames in Showtime shows (3.10, german). He tries to control actuators via DMX and when he activates a dmx frame in "Frame List" the actuators run correctly. All DMX-settings are correct, too. BUT: When he uses one of these DMX frames in a Showtime show the actuator(s) do(es) funny things. The actuators activate first and some seconds later they begin to flicker. This happens irregularly.

    Some hours ago my customer started a new topic on and there are other people who have the same problem, too.

    Does anybody else receive such problems with Showtime-DMX? How can we solve this problem? I don't have these problems myself (using the same equipment/demuxer). But I run version 3.44 english and not 3.10 german.


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    Hi Tobias,

    We did a lot of work on DMX and TTL since version 3.10. We have had a lot of people testing the BETA version of 3.50 and we believe that all of the problems are solved.

    Specifically, the problems with 3.10 were related to using BOTH "Virtual TTL lines" and DMX Frames simultaneously, and where they overlap in DMX space. We never really intended this to be a possibility but it seems that people use it, either unknowningly or purposely. So even though we don't really recommend doing this, we made this possible and solid in 3.50.


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