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Discussion in 'Networking' started by Helldriver, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Helldriver

    Helldriver New Member

    In our company we are thinking about using Esteem 195eg wireless bridge.
    Has anyone tested it with network version of LD2000 ?
    Esteem can`t send me their product for testing outside US :confused:
    They say that it will work fine with full speed (54mbit) in this type of installation for distance ~300meters without visual contact of antennas and without special external antenna systems.

    Greetz, Przemek @ MEDIAM, Poland
  2. Andy_Faulkner

    Andy_Faulkner Member

    Hi to everyone with QMnet wanting to add wireless ability.

    We have been testing the Esteem system for a few months now and so far after a lot of configuration changes the results are very good. We managed a link of approx 500 meters and not in a perfect setup, likely in perfect conditions we could be nearer 1000meters. Mounting the antenas is critical to performance and we also suggest to have a local Qmboard present aswell. We have used 8 qmnet and one local. Configurating the esteem isnt a task for the amature laserist and this is best done by a network administrator. Other points are you must take care of other wireless users in the locality as the esteem is a powerful bit of kit. We did not perform a test in a venue wit a massve audience and there mobile phone yet so until then I suggest if you purchase the esteem you test it out on events were other radio systems might not be present. For your info we used two units in bridge mode. Need any further info just shout. Regards Andy
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.