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    how could i convert quickshow files to ilda files?

    Thank you
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    Speaking as former ILDA Technical Committee Chairman, and as the person who brought the second revision of the ILDA Interchange File Format to light, I can say with authority that the ILDA File Format can not support all of the information that Pangolin files contain. The ILDA Interchange File Format is also a "lossy" format insomuch as the colors which can be communicated via this format. For these reasons, we chose not to export files in the ILDA format from QuickShow.

    Note that it is possible, and easy, to export files in the Pangolin format from QuickShow. To do this, simply click on a cue, and then go to the FILE menu (top/left of the software) and choose Export.

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    William Benner
    President and CTO, Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc.
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    Ild file export

    A large number of inexpensive laser products are now available with SD card reader and ILDA inputs.

    Your Quickshow is an excellent tool for designers and operators and I can understand that the ILD format may not have all the pangolin information .

    we intend to purchase FB3 & quickshow systems for commissioning installations where the SD equipped low cost lasers can be cued from DMX, as the light show is.

    just as any other light effect ,but with a carefully programmed list of cues & personalized to the installation .

    I do feel that the opportunity to export to the ILD format in some form or other and would be helpful and open up a new market and potentially create a raft of new users.

    I cant help thinking that if Pangolin cant provide this faclility properly then someone else will do it badly .!

    please see attached files using showtime workarounds

    Please help .

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    Thanks for sharing your views.. I hope it works and I am able to convert file format
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