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    So I was working on designing a show on one computer, but I needed to get the cue to our laptop which also has quickshow. The show itself is made of three seperate cues I made, then In put the show together using quick timeline. So I can't click on the cue to do edit frame/animation, so I select the cue, then go file export, which I know exports as LD Frames.

    After having done this, I save the exported file to a usb, brought it over to the laptop, opened quickshow, selected an empty cue, and import laser frame/animation into cue and picked the file I just exported. When it opened it quickshow on the laptop however, it had added a bunch of frames, and was moving extrememly slow.

    So that's the problem.

    I'm not sure if this is just something I need to be aware of and need to make the seperate cues on one computer, but quick timeline them on the laptop that will actually be connected to the laser for the show. Or if there are some options or settings I am missing or not understand in the export process.

    If anybody's ever experienced this please let me know....

    Thanks Again.
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    If you have two computers running QuickShow, you should save the workspace if you are moving cues/frame and save the show if you are moving something on a timeline. Exporting is mainly to go from QS to something else like LD2000.