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    Hi guys,

    Is there somebody who can explane how to make make a fade in Quick DMX.

    When I jump to another step a par must fade in or out.

    Afther ours and ours searching, I can't find the solution.

    I hope somebody can explane this.

    With kindly regards from the Netherlands.
  2. I've been messing around with this as well for years... And my conclusion is - nope. You can't do it (easily).

    You might want to set the DMX sliders to "Smooth Change" by right-clicking on each one and changing this setting. The issue you will have, however, is that that the par will fade in/out, but the cycle repeats until you manually stop the cue.

    There needs to be a "duty cycle" for DMX steps. This would allow you to set how many loops the cycle plays for. This exists for laser cues, but not DMX cues. This would be a great feature though. It exists in several other DMX software platforms.