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    Hello, for an exhibition(exposure) we gave me the quickshow software and I have to make the demonstration of some different laser of models, but being novice in the laser I do not see connecting them how, having only a single case fb3. If I connect(bind) laser between them they are together going to work, ca I understood, but if electrically I cut a laser the others of the chaines they are going to work? And how much laser I can connect(bind) together?
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    Yes, it is possible to run several laser projectors on a single FB3 output.

    Some laser projectors have an input and output connector. For these laser projectors, you simply string them together in a daisy-chain fashion.

    For laser projectors that have only a single connector, you need to acquire a Y-cable, which will split the signal from FB3 to several laser projectors. I believe you can find such Y-cables on eBay.

    Regarding the number of projectors, this depends on the quality of the cable you use, and also the quality of the projectors. Certainly it should be possible to run two projectors, but more should also be possible as well.

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