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  1. trollkeeper

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    I am looking to get a laser control system and have questions about the fb3 controller.

    Does the FB3 controller have a SD slot?
    Can the FB3 controller act as a standalone show presenter using the SD slot (if it has one)?
    Does the FB3 controller work with non-Pangolin software?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Pangolin

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    The FB3 is available in two separate versions. You can learn about them here:

    As you will see, the FB3-SE and XE has a removable memory card. Specifically it is XD card, not SD.

    When using the FB3-SE and XE (which is an SE in a box), you can program the data on the memory card to start playing the show or any number of shows once power is applied and when no computer is connected. This is no problem.

    Regarding your final question, we do offer an SDK for the FB3, but this is only offered under Non Disclosure Agreement. Please contact Pangolin for more information about this.

    Now, in addition to the hardware, the software is of course very important. We believe Pangolin's software is the best available, especially when considering the price. Moreover, there are demo versions of several pieces of Pangolin software, so you can evaluate it for yourself. And finally, on our Facebook page and Powered By Pangolin sections of our web site, you will see scores of individuals and companies doing great work using our software.

    Best regards,

    William Benner