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  1. koutsoumpis

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    Hi Guys.Anybody knows weather FB3 drivers need updates from time to time or that is not necessary?
  2. Pangolin

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    The FB3 driver itself does not need any updates. The drivers have not changed since 2006, and yet they work with all modern Windows operating systems.

    However, it is very advisable to periodically update the QuickShow software itself, and our software will keep you informed of when it's time to update.

    More information is found in Paragraph 4 in the license agreement:

    SOFTWARE UPDATES: Pangolin typically publishes multiple updates per year on Software products. These Software updates are provided to registered users free-of-charge when downloaded from Pangolin websites. When Software updates are ordered on CD, DVD or USB media, Pangolin may charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of the media, shipping and handling. These Software updates may be required to maintain Software compatibility, provide security updates or fixes, or offer new features and functionality. Additionally, Software products including IMU, QuickShow and BEYOND must be updated periodically, to ensure their continued operation. Because of this, Pangolin recommends that you obtain and install a Software update at least once per year. If you have a fixed installation or long-term touring operation where periodic Software updates would be impractical, please contact Pangolin to obtain a file that will enable the Software to operate perpetually without updates.
  3. MessyEric

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    I am a brand new user and am trying to get myself up to speed. I have loaded the software and drivers. The disk had 2.5 on it and when I went to update it via the website, it appeared here is a new version of the drivers. Am I misunderstanding your post vs what is on the website? Thank you!
  4. epyn

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    There is no need to update the FB3's driver. You just saw there is a new or newer version of Quickshow on the site. Hardware drivers are the same no matters what windows version You are using 7; 8 or 10.
    If Windows driver of the FB3 hardware has been changed or planned to be change Pangolin Team definitely inform us.
    Sorry for the spelling....
  5. Pangolin

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    We're about to release 3.0. Right now version 2.8 is on the web site in the public download section. That's a great version, and is a precursor to 3.0.

    If you're interested in receiving a pre-release version of 3.0, just send an email to William Benner using the contact form (or direct email).