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    Guys, there was a rumour that there would be an FB.NET product soon - is this still under development? Is there an ETA? It would solve my cabling problems big-time! (Showtacle have had the well-spec'd Fiest.NET pro and I am being tempted by the dark side :D)
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    There's a typical phenomenon with Pangolin products. They take longer to develop than we originally expect, but they also far outshine our expectations both technically and sales wise. QuickShow is a great example of this. Our original intention was to make "simple software". 400,000 lines of code later and... I think everyone will agree that QuickShow far exceeds this goal!

    What you are calling FB3.NET (and what our web master called it, but that's not what we call it in-house :) ) is still under development, but won't be released this week or even this month. But it already has more bang-for-the-buck than we originally planned.

    Make no mistake, this is not like anything else that is on the market today. It's a completely different concept. Yes, there is a network involved, and yes it connects to one or more lasers, but that's the end of the similarity with other products. You'll just have to wait to learn more ;-)

    In the mean time, my overriding comment is that we have a solution TODAY, and it's the same solution that most of the top companies in the world use. That solution is the QM2000.NET, and it's available in several forms (board-level, small box, rack mount). Most of the shows that you see featured on our Powered By Pangolin page were performed using the QM2000.NET.

    Our recommendation would be to use the QM2000.NET.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Oh you are such a tease, Bill! :)

    Is this a solution for Quickshow though? I guess I could import my QS shows into Beyond and use that, but I like the idea of being able to drive multiple projectors as well as DMX from a single box (hence the slight drool over Fiesta.NET Pro - nice hardware, slightly dicky software). I am in no great hurry, luckily!

    Happy New Year, Pango Dudes! Roll on Beyond 2.0!
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    I just tested a FB3 interface over a Silex USB Server SX-2000WG.

    Well it worked until I did a Blackout which send a kind of USB reset signal to the FB3 and the Silex driver did not handled it correctly which resulted in a hanging beyond & FB3 box.

    The only cure was rebooting the FB3 (unplugging it) and a hard kill for Beyond...

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    Without exaggeration, we've tested more than 100 USB extenders and found only two that work. One of them is discussed in our QuickShow forum here:

    A second one is more professional and more expensive, and I will need to do research and post information about it (I just forget the name).

    In any event, we'd strongly recommend only these.

    Best regards,

    William Benner