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    hi,im now installa a quickshow in my pc,after im isert a fb3 and install driver manually form cd folder driver.
    Im conncte a fb3 and out me a message if my version of fbe is old
    im go out from this mesage and in quickshow im press "enable laser" and press on one cue ,the fb3 change status from light green on to blink orange and it not appare light red,if im look a quickshow,fb3 is connect ,hardwae is ok with same serial number,im not undestand were is the problem.....please help me :waa::(
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    Please check the date on your computer. When the FB3 flashes orange instead of red, it usually means that the date on your computer is wrong. It could be that the date is set one year into the future or one year in the past.

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    William Benner