FB3 stopped outputting during show, HELP

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  1. HI, Was running a show and halfway through, the output of the beam looked distorted right in the middle of the display area, so I restarted QS and now I have no output from FB3 at all. I cant get it working again.
    This is what I've done so far to try and find the problem, but with no luck...
    Swapped out PC, USB cable, ILDA cable. Updated all software & drivers. Laser runs fine in auto animation and DMX mode. FB3 light is green when program is closed. Orange when QS software is open. Red when QS laser enable is on/outputting signal. Any ideas? I have read through the forum stuff, but cant find anything related, Thanks.
    (Laser: 2W, RGB, 30k)
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    Perhaps the next troubleshooting step is to isolate if its the FB3 or laser ILDA control, go to the place you bought the FB3 and try it on a demo laser or a friends.
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    Hey Shane, (not sure why your name hasn't been chaged yet); just to verify, you are working with JP on this "issue" correct? :cool: