FB3 with K12n Scanner problem.

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    The problem:
    When I connect FB3 to laser projector the laser light switched on and light at point. No work the colour mix and no work the blanking functions.

    The K12n scanner (jmlaser) uses single ended signal inputs.
    To connect symmetrical ILDA signals from our EasyLase USB board, connect the signals X+
    (pin1), Y+(pin2) and GND (pin25) of the DB25 ILDA-connector to the K12N pins X- (pin14) and Y-(pin15) should be connected to GND (pin25) of the DB25 ILDA-connector or connected to GND by use of 2K2 resistors.

    This is the problem.
    The old K12n not use the X-, Y- signal, because Installation (GND, X + Y +, and two resistors between GND to X-, Y-) and this is cause a conflict.

    I tried the K12n without x-, y- resistor signal. But the problem is same.
    The K12n GND and FB3 GND not work together. I can't what is the solution, but I don't want buy new scanner.

    What do I do? How to use my old scanner with Fb3?
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    I can tried only 25 pin GND connected. (No connect x,y signal).
    The problem is same, when I connect the scanner GND to Fb3 GND, the projector module is power on.
    I can't understand why?
    How get 5V the all laser module iscanner through only scanner GND to FB3 GND.

    No have more projector and scanner and I can't test the FB3 Dac, but my projector is work easyLase Dac with MB perfectly.
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    I separated the scanner mount and amp the aluplate and FB3 work perfectly.
    -@ :)

    Thank you for the tips Pl forum member "m0f".