Fb4 auto play files.

Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by themonkeybars, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. themonkeybars

    themonkeybars Beta Tester

    What is the naming structure for the auto play folder that goes on the sd card in the fb4.

    Exporting the work space from within beyond puts all the files In The dmx folder. Is there a way to export to the auto play folder.?
  2. kaspar

    kaspar New Member

    I'm also working on understanding how autostart operates at the moment.

    Some documentation would be nice...

    The filename convention in the auto folder is:



    so you can just copy the files from the DMX folder and rename them.

    I've got this far using trial and error but I still haven't figured out how to trigger autostart with any method other than power on.

    I have also found that a cue played direct from QS looks different from the one autoplayed from the SD card, as though the projector settings are different even though I exported from QS with "Multizone+Output" selected.

    So if you have any ideas about that, it would be useful!
  3. themonkeybars

    themonkeybars Beta Tester

    Thanks for the help.

    I too have only made it work with the power on trigger.

    Sorry I can't be of help regarding the zone settings baked into the animations stored on the sd card. As a temporary solution you can do some basic geometric correction from the FB4 menu.
  4. kaspar

    kaspar New Member

    It's the scan rate settings which don't seem to be correct and they can't be set on the FB4 menu.

    Testing it in QS, it looks like the colour/blanking shift setting is at 1 when played in autostart but on my projector it needs to be set to 5.

    Is this product so new that maybe a lot of users haven't used the autostart feature and haven't experienced these issues?
  5. I have dame problem. I need use network Connecticut to upload and out file animati on into auroplay directory and not into dmx....I have laser into HOUSING fixed OUTDOOR. .It not possible Take sd card and upload via card reader! @! I have Buy fb4 to upload and control animati on via network Connection!!! Please help me

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