FB4 cannot connect to Beyond

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    Dear all,

    i have to 2 FB4 standart type and for software i use Beyond Essential V2.0 and build 688. When connect the FB4 to Beyond the Projector not seen on Projector Setting. I was try to change the IP mode from stand alone to Auto IP but the result is same. On Beyond projector setting the FB4 is not detected.

    But whe i connected to QS the FB4 is detected.

    My question is why my Beyond cannot detect the FB4?

    Thanks all
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Beyond 2.0 is not able to control FB4's You will need to upgrade your BEYOND to version 2.1 or up.

    Please follow the instructions on this page: http://pangolin.com/beyond-download/ to download the latest version.

    Note: You will need to update your license file. Information can be found on the same page, how to do that.