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  1. Miragelasergroup

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm new here on this forum and came here in my search for any help writing files to the SD card on the FB4 with the main purpose to run a stand alone show or play back the show by DMX, created in "Timeline" without using a pc.

    I'm running Beyond 2.1 B788.

    Is there anyone here who can tell me what to do?

    Thanx in advance. Grtz Roel
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  2. sbk

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    I'm also very interested to know more about this feature, and if it's already working?

    I tried to upload my workspace on the FB4 but I can't manage to have any laser output from the board alone. Even in Test mode when I select "Laser enabled" !

  3. alexhu

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    Same problem as yours!

    I have came accross the same problems as yours
    hope for the answers.

  4. ENOT

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    Hi Guys,

    1. Download new version of BEYOND. It is Build number is important number. This version has new firmware and new functionality related to file export to .FB4Animation format and upload to FB4 hardware.

    Export to file and Upload work together, but can be used alone.

    2. Export. Tee User Interface designed as answer on the most frequent question - "how to upload workspace?". However, it may work files on disk, and so on. Also, the timeline may be exported same as export to LDS file.

    3. Once the content uploaded to FB4, you may activate it by means of DMX, ArtNet, Auto play mode. You need to change FB4 Operational mode by means of FB4 menu.

    What I recommend as a test - export & upload workspace to FB4, set operational mode to DMX, and trigger the playback from DMX.

    Best Regards,