FB4 Firmware + DMX Channels

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    Where can i find the latest FB4-Firmware and how can i upload it to the FB4?
    I also need the DMX-Channel info of the FB4 to control it via DMX.

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    Plaase send my....not find firmware

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    Both BEYOND and QuickShow will have the latest firmware in it and will install it onto the FB4 if the FB4 has a lower firmware version.

    If you feel you need a newer firmware, please download the latest QuickShow or BEYOND installer, install the application, and the next time you run it the FB4 will update if needed.

    The FB4 is currently controlled via DMX with the same channel assignements as the FB3-SE, QuickShow, and BEYOND's generic 16 channel profile (attached).

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    How to set the DMX address of FB3

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