Fb4 flip, rgb intensity, resize....??

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    I have heard that there is a competitor's hardware that can Flip X/Y when in ILDA input mode. However they can also apply size and adjust rgb intensity when playing back from memory. But as I said 'only' flip when external ILDA input.

    So, I'd like to know please:

    -Can Fb4 flip/invert x-y projection on all modes? (also when ILDA input from external DAC)
    -Can Fb4 resize x-y projection on all modes? (also when ILDA input from external DAC)
    -Can Fb4 balance r-g-b power on all modes (modulation intensity)? (also when ILDA input from external DAC).

    If so, we don't need resize pots, flip switches, rgb pots and all this stuff on back PJ panel (or dedicated PCB boards)...this could be great

    So, any info on this?
    Many thanks
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  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Yes - Build-in

    Yes - Build-in

    Yes - This goes for all colors
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    Many thanks Bob,
    by the way, I've read FB4 include 'safety' settings...please could you detail which safety setting refers to? (scan fail, BAM...?¿)
    Many thanks
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    As you may know, Pangolin has two separate patented safety systems, one of them being PASS. PASS is implemented almost entirely in analog hardware, because analog hardware can be understood and validated by peer reviews, whereas there are a lot of potential failure modes with any digital, and especially microprocessor-based safety system. This is one of the reasons why audience scanning performances in the United States have almost exclusively only been approved when people use PASS in thier projector.

    For that reason, it is Pangolin's position that no digital system can ever be solely relied on from a safety standpoint, and therefore, whenever absolute safety is needed, PASS should be installed on the laser projector.

    FB4 includes a number of features built in which may be used to enhance the safety of a laser projector. For example, FB4 has the ability to digitize the position signal from the X-Y scanners, and make intelligent decisions based on the sensed position.

    Because of our view on what constitutes a safety system, and because the FB4 features are still in development, we are still tuning the actual behavior of the features that are in FB4. And while these features certainly *enhance* the degree of safety in the laser projector, they (like other microprocessor-based safety features) should *not* be relied upon as an *exclusive* safety mechanism.

    Therefore, once the FB4 implementations are finalized, we may not even use the word "safety" to describe these features, in an attempt to prevent confusion in the marketplace.

    Nevertheless, the combination of PASS and FB4 certainly creates an enhanced safety level that we believe are not found in any other projector.

    Best regards,

    William Benner