FB4 goes purple at ~20% CPU Usage.

Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by Sol_Barnes, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Sol_Barnes

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    My Set Up:
    7x FB3
    1x FB4
    Beyond Advance
    Laptop: Core I7 - 4 core (2nd Gen) 2.2Ghz, 32Gb Ram, SSD...
    Short Network Cable Connected Directly from Laptop to FB4.

    Typically I have noticed that my FB3s will start to judder at around 35% CPU usage.
    However my FB4 goes purple as at around 20% usage.

    Does anyone have advice on why this happens and how I can rectify the issue?

    Many Thanks
    Sol Barnes
  2. Sol_Barnes

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    Additional: Since writing this I have tried using the 'Performance Tuning' tool.
    Setting it to optimal, seems to help for some cues, but for other cues the frame rate is halved for just the FB4, almost like it is being sent two copies of the cue?
  3. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Beta Tester

    Hi, Sol_Barnes!
    Please watch this video
    This can help you understand the performance tuning tools.

    The purple color in FB4 is an indicator of delayed data from software to FB4. The typical reasons are
    - overloaded CPU by complicated content OR big number of projectors;
    - network infrastructure;
    - CPU power management. MS try to keep the planet and use pretty aggressive CPU speed decrees.

    The answer on question in menu Tools -> FB4 Data transmission diagram, and Core monitor diagram.
    Its recommend to compare diagrams in idle state, small loads, and timeline where you see "all pink". In case of CPU problem you will see long duration of calculation Usually it should be between 0,1...2 ms. We guess you will see around 5 or more. So, Core monitor is an answer
  4. Sol_Barnes

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    Hi Igor,

    Looks like 8 projectors is just too much for my old second gen Core I7.

    I will have to upgrade my laptop.

    I want to get something that will not limit me in the future. Say up to 16 FB3 / FB4s running several layers of offset effects.

    I read somewhere that Beyond is well optimized for multiple core processors. Is that correct?

    If so I am looking at a system config:
    • Ryzen 4800H (8 cores at 2.2 - 4.2 Ghz)
    • 16Gb Ram
    • Fast M.2 SSD
    • Nvida Graphics GTX 1650 (4Gb)
    The system would be dedicated to Beyond and Laser Show simulation software.
    This also maxes out my budget, so if this is complete over kill I would look at something a bit cheaper. But, "buy once, cry once" right.

    Thanks for your help
    Sol Barnes
  5. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Beta Tester

    Hi, Sol Barnes!
    I think this choice will be the right investment for your money.
    Although this may be a little excessive today, "tomorrow" may not be enough.
    Nothing stands still, including Beyond and the necessary resources for the new functionality.