fb4 overload?

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    can anyone tell me what's going on? in Beyond the fb4 become purple as shown in the attached image, and the lasers flash, is a work overload? I have a time line with many tracks that are working, do I need to decrease the workflow? Immagine001.jpg
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    Please check your switch or network cables. Purple almost always means network issues.
  3. ENOT

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    The purple color in FB4 is an indicator of delayed data from software to FB4. The typical reasons are
    - overloaded CPU by complicated content OR big number of projectors.
    - network infrastructure.
    - CPU power management. MS try to keep the planet and use pretty aggressive CPU speed decrees. .

    The answer on question in menu Tools -> FB4 Data transmission diagram, and Core monitor diagram. I recommend to compare diagrams in idle state, small loads, and timeline where you see "all pink". In case of CPU problem you will see long duration of calculation Usually it should be between 0,1...2 ms. I guess you will see around 5 or more. So, Core monitor is an answer.

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