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  1. Cookiej07

    Cookiej07 New Member

    I'm new to lasers and lighting in general and I'm looking for a way to daisy chain the lasers. I saw the FB4 may be the way to go but a few questions.

    1) Does the DMX version allow me to Daisy chain the lasers and them run independently.

    2) Does every laser need to have FB4 capabilities?

    DMX I think I could probably do a cat5 cable too, and daisy that way.
    Thank you for any and all help ahead of time.
  2. Sergio Barberi

    Sergio Barberi New Member

    Hi Cookie, if you want to run independently each laser you will need have an fb4 for each laser you will use, if you dont care about project same signal you just need daisy-chain them with an rj45 ethernet cable if available on your projector otherwise you will need an ilda (db25) cable beetwen them, Im undertand that the dmx is for control with an lightingh console but you need to upload the cues into your sd memory on your fb4,

    Lets see if im correct when the pangolin staff answer your questions
  3. Cookiej07

    Cookiej07 New Member

    That's what I thought as well, is there a way to run them independently without needing FB4 or FB3 for each light?
    It just seems like a lot of hassel unless you have multiple FB4 equipped lasers.

  4. Sergio Barberi

    Sergio Barberi New Member

    None that I know, but there is some trick to make it look a bit different if you have just one FB4 or FB3 ypu can mirror 1 projector (Invert X axis) in projector setting from QS or Beyond, some projectors have this function on its body, it will projecting the same cue but mirroring, looks nice if you have left-right set up.

    An other thing that you can do is upload some cues to each projector sd memory card and running via DMX like independient lights but It feels a bit limitated to what did you programming.

    Again let's see if pangolin staff have another response

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  5. Sergio Barberi

    Sergio Barberi New Member

    Actually if you just have one FB4 you will need change de X axis directly from the projector other way all the signal will be affected, my bad!
  6. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    Hi, Cookiej07!
    I think you'll find the answers to a lot of your questions in this video
    If the questions stay, write and we'll solve them.