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  1. Battery556

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    Hey all,

    So, i've been using DMX In with quickshow for a while now (and love it!) and recently i've been working on a theatre production with lasers, now, some of the laser cues i've set as timelines and used audio along side the laser show.

    But, this got me thinking, and now i'm actually firing all audio cues for the theatre production straight out of quickshow (even if some audio cues don't have any laser cues) and its been working great.

    I'm essentially running lights, lasers and audio cues all from one desk now.

    But what id really love to have control over in quickshow with dmx is the master volume slider - in the same way I can control the brightness over dmx aswell.

    I know quickshows primary purpose isnt to be an audio player, but it has worked great! and if this DMX feature could be added that would be great!

    Thanks! Paul.
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    I would say this is more of an BEYOND advanced+ function.
  3. Battery556

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    Ah! is this something beyond can do?
  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    Yes, with BEYOND Advanced and Ultimate this is possible by using the DMX to PangoScript function.

    Screenshot 2018-12-12 at 16.08.14.png
  5. ENOT

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    Hi Paul,

    I am glad to know that QuickShow works well for you. The nature of situation - QuickShow supposed to be simple software and friendly fr intro level users. Adding more features lead making software more complex. We already have pretty functional and complex software such as BEYOND. Most of the features are simple, but the number of features is big. That is the reason why we prefer to keep QS in some boundaries.

    Regarding BEYOND software. Attached screenshot of Object Tree window, with Maste.AudioLevel property. Each property can be mapped to DMX Channel with one line of script. So, if you are looking for control of audio level - it is possible right now.

    Best Regards.

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