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    Good day to all!
    I need to create a laser show from several lasers located at a big distance from each other (100-200 m).
    To control a remote group of lasers, I plan to use a separate computer(s) with Beyond through Beyond Network.
    I was able to connect Beyond on different computers via Beyond Network and to produce simultaneous start of a cue.
    However, there are some questions:
    1. Is it possible (how) to produce the simultaneous launch Show on the Timeline?
    2. Is it possible (how) to send to network my PangoScript command (not only system generated)?
    2. Is it possible (how) to send the PangoScript command for a specific station(computer) in the network?

    The sound will also be transmitted to a big distance by WiFi. Thus there is a sound delay and I need to start the playback of the sound (A/V Media) before Laser Tracks.
    I understand that you can shift all Laser Tracks on Timeline on the delay time of the sound, but maybe there's something more beautiful solution?
    Thank you in advance for any advice!
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  2. Flyingpictures

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    Beyond Artnet sync muliptle PCs

    Better to use Artnet timecode.
    Connect the 2 PCs on same network.

    On master machine select Setting/Config/Timecode Out/ Artnet 1, Set format to 25.
    On slave machine select Setting/Config/Timecode In/ Enable Artnet. Turn off 'keep running when TC stops' for testing.

    On master machine Settings/DMX/DMX-ArtNet/Connection/OUTPUT Set Universe 1 to Artnet
    On slave machine select Settings/DMX/DMX-ArtNet/Connection/INTPUT Set Universe 1 to Artnet

    On master machine File/Show properties/ TC Output/ Enable OUT TC, adjust delay here.
    On slave machine select File/Show properties/ TC Input/ Enable IN TC.

    Load same show on each machine.
    On Slave select Tools/Enable TC in (or TC-In button on toolbar)
    Play show on master, slave should play. Stop master, slave will stop. TC-IN button flashes when getting TC.
    For show use 'keep running' if network is unstable.
    Works the same for Midi TC but you'd need a midi network tool like Copperlan.

    You can use SMPTE linear timecode LTC which is an audio track (usually striped with show audio tracks), and is what you'll find on larger shows syncing audio, lights, stage manager, spfx etc.
    You'll need the Pangolin TC2000 to convert the audio to data. But it may be easier to to distribute audio by wireless if your network run is too long. Or use a point to point wireless network kit.
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    Flyingpictures, thanks for the tip!
    Interesting solution. At least better than my, because with my method I can only make a simultaneous start (but not stop).