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Discussion in 'Projection lenses' started by LaserRent, May 7, 2004.

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    Is there, somewhere, detailed information available concerning the DiscoScan. I would like some information about distance between projector and DiscoScan, minimum laser power required....
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    Dear J.Tessens,

    Currently the only information that is available on the Discoscan is at the page:

    If you need additional informaiton, this can be given on a per-request basis.

    Regarding your request about distance between the lense and "projector", generally you incorporate this lens into your projector, and you place this lens around 0.5 inches (close to 1cm) from the scanners to the input aperture of the lens.

    Regarding your request about power handling capability, there is no minimum, and currently no known maximum power limiting factors. We have never seen an instance where the lens does not work and seems to be able to handle both low and high powers very well.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
    Pangolin Laser Systems
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    We want the DiscoScan for mobile use.
    We use Medialas YT1500 and YT700 RGB laser projectors, Catweazle projector and there new Sniper. It's important that we can switch from one YT to another, depending to the local circumstances. So the only problem could be the maximum distance between the scanners of the projector and the DiscoScan (there is some distance between the scanners and the output window of the projector.
    If the scan angle is amplified, the beamdiameter will be amplified, what will be the diameter of a single 4mm beam (at input) at a distance of approx 10m.
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    Hi LaserRent,

    We generally sell the Discoscan directly to OEMs. This is an OEM product. This means that the company who made the projector would be the same company that is incorporating the Discoscan into the projector. The lens must be around 1cm from the scanners to work properly, otherwise you will not get the full 180 degree output angle.

    As for what the resulting beam diameter will be at 10m, it is impossible for me to say. The resulting beam diameter depends on a number of factors, including the original beam diameter, beam divergence and beam quality (i.e. whether it is single-mode, multi-mode, the m2, etc.)

    One thing that you must consider is our intended use for the Discoscan. The intended use is actually part of the name -- "Disco" uses. Generally this would be audience scanning use where increases in beam diameter and beam divergence will actually INCREASE safety. For more information on this, see my safety article at:

    Along with the Discoscan we also sell a mounting arrangement. It is possible that a mounting arrangement can be placed on each projector and you can simply swap the Discoscan from one projector to another, rather easily. But again, this is all predicated on being able to get the Discoscan close enough to the scanners to be effective.