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    Hi, just had to post this really, I so glad that I've now got more time on my hands thanks to things changing here at work that I can start to do shows to go with music ready, rather than do a show from using the LIVE page every weekend :D it's now that I'm going to be getting into it, I was just wondering how do you guys normally go about doing a show? I'm going to try and do a christams and new years show, but just chan't figure out how you manage to get things like a cat walking (do you have to draw every frame or is there a function that will do it for you after you have done one image?)
    I have done a search already for christmas frames and shows, couldn't find any shows, but found a couple of frames...which look ok..
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    You normally "do a show" using our Showtime program. We think this is pretty easy to use and in fact, many people tell us that they prefer the user interface of Showtime, over Macromedia FLASH and Adobe Premiere.

    For around the last two years, we have included a Tutorial DVD with the purchase of the LD2000 system. If you do not have a Tutorial DVD, you have a few choices. You can purchase a new Installation CD (which includes the Tutorial DVD) for $50 or $100 (depending on if you live inside the US or outside), or you can download the most relevant Tutorial DVD chapters from our website. You can find the Tutorial DVD chapters here:

    Have fun with it!!