"Finger" effect for better visibility?

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    Years of googling lasershow videos ive discovered a simple trick to add a LOT of visibility to beamshows.. simply add 20 beam points to your frames evenly spaced along the drawline of the existing frame.

    The attached photo shows an example of a basic horizontal line with this effect manually added (by drawing a single horizontal line frame from scratch using the above method)

    It's taken a LOT of work to convert existing Beyond queues/effects to have this fingered effect.

    Im sure im still missing something here because theres a LOT of youtube lasershows that seem to already have this 'fingered' effect built in to the point im wondering if another product (LD2000?) natively supports this 'effect' maybe?

    If so - how can this effect be done more easily in Beyond (or QS) without having to redraw the raw frame from scratch?

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  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    I use a Synthesised Image; this allows me to layer two lines - one with the "fingers" rendered in "point" mode, the second the base line rendered as a line but otherwise identical.
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    Yes, the Synt is a standard solution for BEYOND and QS. You can use two Shapes, one in Beam and second in Line mode.

    Also, BEYOND has Key Effect - Point Repeater. Give it a try.

    In coming version of BEYOND added new feature into the Shape image. In Beam mode will be possible to add visible line between the beams and also control the number of points in the beam. So, such visual effect is possible to make without a Synt.
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    Thanks for the feedback! .. wish i asked a lot earlier now. These tips have been a great help