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    Got quickshow with a demo of an FB3 to ILDA hardware and thought the program was cool. We own a martin RGB 1.6 laser though so tried plugging in the laser with it's own USB cable to run quickshow and it worked, however it updated our laser firmware and now when we try to reconnect to the laser through the Martin laser showdesigner software the program disconnects the laser and we can't roll back the firmware. This wouldn't be a problem if we could update the internal memory of the laser with Quickshow, which we really need to do, but we can't so we really need the laser working with the martin laser showdesigner again. Any suggestions on how to roll back the firmware of our laser?
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    not what you where looking for but i think
    you can download Live Quick from here:
    and upload your own frames and animations to the FB3 inside your laser and than conrol it with DMX
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    Yes, the version of software originally included with Martin lasers was special software. For sure that special software won't work any longer, after you automatically update firmware as you did. This means you'll need to obtain a new version of the special software, or simply use the generic version of LiveQUICK from the downloads section of our web site.

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