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    I have a question to the firmware of the qm2000 board.
    Our Pangolin card (5131 Pro) uses the firmware of the 31.02.2002
    Is a firmware update necessary to work correctly with the new LD2000 V 4.50 ?
    Is there a problem with different firmware versions, when we work with network connection to other cards?

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    The firmware only "boots" the QM2000. Even our very latest firmware from 1999 will work with version 4.50.

    The only reason you would ever need to be concerned with firmware is when you want to change your HARDWARE configuration, not SOFTWARE.

    For example, if you had our earliest 1999 firmware and wanted to upgrade to 512MB, you would need to send the board to Pangolin for a firmware update. Also, if you wanted to operate an old QM2000 inside of our new QM2000.NET enclosure, you would also need to update the firmware.

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    William Benner