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    I've just ordered a scanner (BeamzPro LS-1WRGB PRO/152.906) and QS2/FB3 and I'm going through all the tutorials on YouTube while I'm awaiting delivery. I'm planning a show on a opening ceremony for a tournament event that my badminton club is hosting and I would appreciate any suggestions and comments on my planning from more experienced users.

    The layout of the room is a rectangular (38 meters long, 18 meters wide, 9 meters high). Audience is placed on one of the short sides and the players will be lined up on the other end. The scanner will be placed above the audience and I want the animation to be played mid-air above/between the audience and the players. Smoke/fog can't be used so I plan to hang a large semi-transparent net (mosquito-type) in the middle of the room. Do you think this will work well?

    A part of the production wil contain text with club/player names and since half of the viewers will see front-projection and half the viewers rear-projection this means text will be mirrored for half of them. Is there an easy way to create text effects that animates so that half of the animation is mirrored or would it be possible to split the output in two parts where one is a mirrored copy of the other?

    I appreciate all suggestions.
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    I suggest you palce the screen above the players and the projector behind the players. this way you don't have to mirror your graphics.
    I will also push real hard on smoke or haze and total darkness. It will make a big differece. Go to the club few days in advance with a hazer and show them that it is not that bad.

    Regurding the mirror effect you can send any of your text cues to 2 zones. Right click on the cue - cue properties - check zones 1 & 2.
    than in settings - projections zones - zone 1 - geomtric correction - position you move the Y down a little. Go to zone 2 - geomtric correction - size you move the X to -100 & in position you move the Y a little up.
    Now the cues that are going to zone 1 & 2 will show above each other and mirrored.

    But from the price that you pay for the projector it is not a good one so duble text will flicker a lot.
    that is why the first option with the screen on the far side from the audiens is better for you.

    You will also need at least 2 meters distance for 1 meter screen size.
    So if you have a 4 meters screen you will need 8 meters distance or more.
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    thanks aricha. I realize smoke/haze will make a big difference but tournament play will start right after the show. Anything that affects visibility and humidity in the room is out of the question. But total darkness will not be a problem as the room has no windows. I'm at the club at least twice a week so I should be able to do some experimenting and will try to follow your advice on avoiding mirroring if possible.

    It is a "cheap" entry level projector but it seemed capable enough for a small show from what I could understand from the video at . Do you think the quality is to bad for a animated show in a room of this size? Should I aim a bit lower and settle on just beams and simpler effects, instead of text/logos and animations?

    It is a youth (13-15 year olds) tournament and as far as I know no other tournament here has done something similar so it should be a nice and hoepfully impressive surprise. But even though we have a small budget we of course want it to feel like a reasonably professional production. I'm a computer professional with quite a lot of experience in both audio, graphics and video projection but lasers is a new area.
  4. aricha

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    It does look good in the video.
    If you are far away from the screen you get a smaller scanning angle than you can go to a higher scan rate and get a better graphics.
    When they rate the scanners to 30,000 pps it is in 5-7 degrees scanning angle
    which means a very small image.

    the reason i suggested an experiment with the haze so you will know how long it take the smoke to clear. maybe it will clear in 2 min. than you are fine.
    One month ago i did a beam show in a basketball stadium.
    i had 4 lasers + 1 smoke machine next to each laser + a 3 phase smoke machine.
    the smoke had cleared fast enough.
    you will also have to disable the smoke detectors for the show.

    good luck
  5. peterbaeza

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    I'll see if I can rent a hazer and try it out. Actually small angles might be a good thing. The reason for a screen in the middle of the room was that I thought that the image would be to large and weak otherwise, but I guess my assumptions are wrong. With a 5-7 degrees angle I could project from one end of the room to the other without getting a too large image.
  6. vIQleS

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    Mosquito netting will work well... It's what I'm using for anything I don't have the budget to rent a proper gauze.

    Second (or third or forth or whatever) on the haze. You don't need an expensive hazer per se. you can get away with a cheap smoke machine. (or "fazer" - a smoke with a fan built in).

    Text is OK as long as there's not too many lines on the screen at one time. try scrolling text and then spread it out wider so less is visible at any one time.

    You should be able to test before you go (or when you get there) to see if it's going to flicker.

    Same goes for graphics. Run through all the ones you like and pick out the simple ones that don't flicker. (I tend to copy them to a new blank page...)
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    thanks vIQleS
    I've done a closer inspection of the hall and because of obstcles in the way it will not be possible to project in the long direction of the room. It seems the best solution would be to do the projection over the short side (distance about 20 m). This means that the audience will have the screen to the right and the players will be facing the audience and look left at the screen. In the middle will be a area where only speakers, performers will be and I will be projecting above them (from 3-7 meters high). This means that I will not be needing a transparent screen since it will be front projection but I still will need to cover the wall with a screen. Is it best to use a white or black screen? I assume that the effect will be better on a black screen in a dark room. Correct?
  8. vIQleS

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    Black will absorb a lot of the laser, but a white screen could amplify any ambient light to a distracting level.

    I'm doing show tonight on a white screen* - I'll let you know how I get on... :-D

    *In conjunction with a video projection. Be interesting to see if it works... :-/
  9. peterbaeza

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    good luck, looking forward to hear how that went. Video and Laser in combination sounds fun
  10. vIQleS

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    Not in combination per se - just playing at the same time... :p

    It was a last minute job so we didn't really get to do anything fancy - just VLJ running on 2x blue 1k overheads (Either side of the stage), motivational messages / pictures and the company logo projected with 2x RGB 700mW on the 2 side screens. And the video was on the middle screen.

    It worked quite well - the screens appeared black for all intents and purposes (I was worried they'd show up as huge white squares and pickup all the ambient light.

    I'd say go white screens if it's an option (and the room will be reasonably black)
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    Mirroring my show ?

    I want to return all my show" test.qshw" (to mirroring) in the QS interface :)...I have the same show in the interface but i want to copy it and change in mirroring is it possible ? Because I don't want to change the axis X of my laser in the parameter (just register my new Show in Miroring please) ?.
    Thank you
    Best regards
  12. Aaron@Pangolin

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    You can do this in several ways.

    I would probably edit the show and add an effect line to each track you use, then put a x axis size effect in the new line and have the effect change the X size from 100 to -100, then save the "new" show out as a different name.

    You could also go into each event on the timeline and edit the content to change the x size to -100.