First tests with new apc40 MKII

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    Sorry for tilttle, the correct is "firsts tests with new apc40 mkII" not "fiesta"

    well I'm trying to make a midi template for the new akai apc40 MKII,

    For now I made template for the grid with the RGB buttons and the other features are more or less compatible with MKII

    I got problem with the select zone feature and mute zone feature

    Because the zone select buttons on new akai are made as B0 xx xx (as a control change), and no as a note on off button like on the apC40

    If somebody knows to solve it, could help everybody?

    here you have a photo with RGB buttons of my own template,


    I give you all the color change values for rgb buttons on MKII that are

    For example:90 20 43 / 43 for deep blue

    Each value is a different color or different brightness (has 3 levels of brightness for each color more or less and all the RGB POSSIBILITIES, has colors that I don't know how call it lol


    Colors are really out there: please check the protocol manual. :)

    I'm waiting your comments, thanks!
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    Please give me a few days..

    Finally we received documentation of Akai.

    I need to dig through it before I can tell More.
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    Perfect Bob, Thank you i will wait your news ;)
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    Nice work, is buttons react on press on/off cue?
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