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Discussion in 'Lasershow Converter Series (MAX, FLASH, 4D)' started by ZackSmith, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. ZackSmith

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    Hi All,

    Just making sure that Lasershow Converter Flash can open flash files created on another computer.
    The product descriptions were not clear on this...some of the info on the forum indicates that it's not
    a problem. Any limitations here? We're very excited to purchase this product. Also, what is the
    easiest/cleanist way to import client logos into Pangolin? Auto-trace is okay, but just seeing what
    else is out there. Sorry for the combo question and thanks!

  2. anticonnor

    anticonnor Member

    sorry for the late response

    #1: Yes, LCFlash can convert any .SWF file, no matter where you got it.
    #2: There are a number of laser tracing programs out there. Flash can actually trace any bitmap image into a vector image, which can then be converted to laser with LCFlash. Also, I believe version 4 of Pangolin is shipping with Trace-It, which is a pretty good tracing program. I've always found that no tracing program can beat tracing it by hand, because what may look good on paper might not look so good in laser. Tracing it by hand gives you the option to pick which lines will get traced and really conserve those points.

    Hope that helps.