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    I just came accross the chinese company neo-lase, and noticed they appear to have a 'usb' version of livepro that can controll 4 usb laser projectors...

    I'm going to take a stab in the dark and assume that the laser projectors in question have a usb flashback installed in them... and that this version of livepro referred to here outputs via these usb flashbacks...

    Is this the case ? If so, is the 'cypher live pro' software available with the latest usb flashback 3's, or is this exclusive for use with neo-laser projectors ?


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    Hi LuminAVP,

    Geat question. Cypher LivePRO is a version of LivePRO that was customized for NEO-LASER division of NEO-NEON. Cypher LivePRO drives their line of high-end projectors and it has a few features that are unique to NEO-NEON -- most notably, easy access to counter-rotating diffraction gratings and scan through gratings on their projector. Other than that, it is the same as LivePRO.

    Depending on the model, the high-end line of NEO-LASER projectors may include one or two complete Flashback 3 systems, as well as having a standard ILDA input. This is a very capable projector line and I am happy to see a Chinese projector manufacturer that is taking quality seriously. Even their mid-range and low-end projectors include our Flashback series of products so they have a lot of capabilities and high quality, and simultaneously, since they use our Flashback series, they can keep the end-user cost down.

    You may find more information about the Flashback 3 at:

    Best regards,

    William Benner
    Pangolin Laser Systems
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    After speaking with Jim Hardaway from Neo-Laser, it appears that these flashback cards in their projectors are configured as such so that with an extra usb add-on (that i've read about elsewhere as well - maybe laserist.org?) the flashback can be used as a real-time DAC, that 'cypher livepro' uses to interface to the Neo-lase projectors....

    I guess my question is are we going to see this functionality made available to the rest of the world in the near future.... ?
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    There are a few issues here which may be getting confused. First, the high-end NEO NEON projectors have scan-through and other types of grating effects. These projectors will be controlled with LivePRO, but to enable convenient access to the special grating features, we have created a customized version of LivePRO for this purpose. This customized version of LivePRO is called Cypher LivePRO. This version runs along with a QM2000 and may be connected to these high-end projectors via normal DB25 and DMX inputs.

    Second, these projectors may be controlled without any PC at all, using only DMX. When used in this way, the Flashback 3 will receive the DMX signals and allow for the selection and manipulation of graphics, beams, and animations, as well as allow for selection of the grating effects themselves.

    Does this answer your question?

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    Hello - Sorry to dig out this old thread, but I came accross the same 'Cypher' Verison of LivePro. It seems to me it is a stand alone version of the product, with a box attached via USB, and an ILDA connector on that box. I would like to try out this combination with my owm projector, not using the NeoNeon features, like gratings.

    I am not sure where the Flashback card comes into play. This seems to me, the projector is directly controlled from the PC, like a 'pass-through' mode. Is that true, and can the Flashback card (as it probably resides in that USB Box since it has a SM-Slot) be operated in a mode like that?

    Thanks and greets, Jojo
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    Hi Jojo,

    Yes, there is a Cypher LivePRO which has been made to drive our Flashback series of laser controllers. And you are right about the "pass through" mode, although internally we call it "Direct Feed".

    NEO-NEON makes an external box. I forget what they call it... but it has our Flashback series inside, along with an Pangolin/ILDA DB25 connector, and Size/Position controls and Audio Sensitivity. The box may be used stand-alone, or with the Cypher LITE software, or with Cypher LivePRO.

    Note that we have continuing plans for "Direct Feed" software for the Flashback series. Stay tuned...

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Great - that sounds promising. I will keep checking back this page for updates. A general question, will it be possible when using the direct-feed mode, to control more than one flashback card, means, multiple projectors, from one instance of LivePro?

    And will you make a stand alone version of LivePro available for controlling the flash back card via direct mode? Otherwise, I assume, it wouldnt make much sense?

    You were watering my mouth big time at the laserfreak meeting for Pango, but I could never ever afford the full version for my hobby, so I speculate I will get the LivePro way instead, if I can :rolleyes:

    Thanks for your update, Greets, Jo
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    Hi JoJo,

    Our LivePRO can control multiple scanners through USB using Direct Feed with the Flashback 3. While I was at NEO-NEON factory last month, we had six separate projectors running over USB with LivePRO!

    We will soon have a version of software made specifically for hobbyists, which will use a cost-reduced version of our Flashback hardware, and pretty decent software, all for around $500. The software license will be such that it will be restricted to non-commercial uses, but that is great for hobbyists...

    Keep watching this forum for more information.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    This IS good news! I buy two flashbacks and the software :NI have to look if there is a Pango newsletter or such...

    Thanks for this great info! Greets Jo