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    Hi! well i try to use Search on forum but in none of the topics isn't my question so here it is.
    when i write text on my laser it flickers in the middle... and when i turn on scroll text i get the same thing. and another thing is when i put some logo over quicktrace it flickers but when i put a logo that is in the quickshow (the one of default ones) it works ok.

    i'm using QuickShow, FB3, laptop and Kvant Spectrum 3.2W laser heads (x4)

    and another thing: i would like to use some kind of midi controller. with pads, rotary knobs etc. i found how to asign a lot of controls on it but how can i assign cues on pads???? nothing in the cue options, and nothing in the midi to live controll options.
    how can i solve that?

    i would like to use AKAI APC40 because it has lots of pads knobs etc.

    pls help ;)
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    Hmm, I am a little surprised at the lack of response to these types of questions. Maybe this is not the best forum for this type of question? I don't know if it is appropriate to mention other forums here, but there are projector-centric forums that might be better suited to hardware type questions.

    I came here FROM one such forum. It is photon lexicon and you can google it if that is ok to post here. If not, then I'm sure the mods can remove it and maybe you could just do a more general search for other laser projector oriented forums. Most of them are not affiliated with a specific software or hardware, just a collection of projector or laser enthusiasts who may be able to help.

    I hope this might help someone...