Flikker in laser output

Discussion in 'Networking' started by Jedi, Jun 24, 2010.

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    Hello Freaks,

    i have two Pangolin network boxes, one with Intro and one with the basic card. In the near past I saw sometimes a little flikkering in the laser output,
    when i start the autoplayer.
    But not like a flickering frame, all colors at the same time, like a blanking problem.

    If a show starts with flickering, it will end with it. Does it work well, it continues well during the show. If I start the next show it could be possible that the error disappeared, or not. Sometimes it will never ocure in a session.

    I tried new ILDA wires, the other network box, and 3 different Computers, different scan speed, and scan angle, but all this does not solve the problem.

    Today i stop the flikkering Show. I opened the prew view window, and the error was gone. (it should be be opposite). I thought i found the solution.
    At the next show with prewiew Window the error ocure again. Pressing pause
    shows the frame wonderful still. I don´t now this error........

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    Dear Jedi,

    Thanks for contacting us about this. Yes, you sure have a strange problem there and we would like to understand it better -- not only for you, but also for other customers.

    Please contact us directly by email so we can get into a bit more in-depth conversation and explore this. You can use our contact form at www.pangolin.com/contact

    Please let us know the operating system that you are using. And if you have anything on your computer that has the word "Norton", we'd recommend removing it...

    Best regards,

    William Benner