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  1. gabrielefx

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    I would like to understand how link 2 or more projectors and focus them on one single xyz point. I want to use lasers like sharpy moving heads
    Also I would like to move this linked spots with a Microsoft joystick.
    Is it possible?

  2. ENOT

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    Do you want to move the spot coordinates (by means on joystick) in 3D space and the projectors should produce a beam that will cross the spot? Looks like a dangerous thing.
  3. Revolution909

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    Just overlay each zone for each laser on top of each other.

    Whatever frame you project will be "linked" and move with each other within the zone. Then setup the joystick to control those zones with the xy pad.

    I'm not sure what seems dangerous about this, but I also may not understand what you're looking to do.

    A good example would be to have 2 lasers mounted in the lighting rig terminating on the stage..Using them as a follow spot with control via the joystick.
  4. ENOT

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    You need to setup two projection zones, by one for each projctor. For setup of geometric correction I recommend to use "Free-form Mesh" mode. It allow setup overlap of zones quickly. After that, you need to create Cue that will contain a spot-frame. In Cue properties set the destination - two zones. Now you can start the cue and at that point the frame should be projected by two projectors. At right side we have Live Control tab, you can use there XY Pad.

    Current version of BEYOND do not support joystick directly. Right now you may use some joystick-to-midi application.

    Best Regards,

  5. UpStage

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    Hi Guys

    Just got it working with a joystick, and the fire button activates the beam so if you let go of the joystick the beam stops :), I'll post a tutorial soon but no need for midi ;)

  6. UpStage

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  7. gabrielefx

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    very nice!
    does it work with Microsoft game pads too?

    what about to use the Logitech space controller and rotate the 3d geometries in realtime and then record all this things on the timeline?
  8. Bob@Pangolin

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    Its originally designed with an logitech gamepad in mind.

    As far as I know, these are default "Joysticks".

    So Most pads/sticks will work.
  9. UpStage

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    It will work with any USB controller, the more fun bit is the fact we have been controlling none networked lasers via the internet from the other side of our town with hardly any noticeable latency :)

    Next step is a targeting camera we can attach to the laser and control remotely

    Pod :D
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  11. meeble

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  12. UpStage

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    Hi Meeble

    It's an app i've written that has distace/depth perception, thats quite an early version as the later one can track 16 points, the images are controlled by the distance from the camera which assigns layers to the depth, this has the effect of switching the cue's available on that layer.

    I'll be packaging it as an exe soon for testing but my only concern is that it shouldn'y be used in the way you see in the video, I'm running at a really low power and would normally be facing the other way (towards a crowd as DJ's do).


  13. meeble

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    Sounds good, Jason. Looking forward to what you post. What kind of camera are you using?
  14. Sid Sloth

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    Auto follow spot

    Hi did you do this with beyond script or with the sdk i guess you are using kinect to track.
    Looks very good a looking to do something similar soon.
  15. meeble

    meeble Well-Known Member

    yes, any progress on this?