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  1. I want to do for a wedding, the initials of the couple on the wall, the font should be in 3D. Do I need to generate each letter itself? Or is there another way? greetings from Germany

    and I'm still looking animations for weddings.

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    There are no 3D drawing tools in QS nor any 3D software included.. you'd either need a third party program to make this and import the ildas or buy BEYOND to do it.

    Last but not at least you could buy LD2000 and then LC-max but this would be the most expensive route.
    The most cost efficient option if you wont be doing this a lot is outsource this to someone who has the tools/software purchased already and let him or her do it for you at a cost.

    I and several others around can surely do this for you at a fee depending on the amount you want.