For sale: 2W RGB Projector (CTI6215) + LD2000Pro

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    Hello mates,

    After few years sitting in a flighcase (switched to completely other business occupation) .. this Neo-Neon laser device is still for sale.

    Neo-Laser 2W TRINITY Professional NLP2000 LDRGB with CTI6215 galvos installed
    Used as advertising laser on yacht-boat show.
    ..with road-transport case + Pangolin LD2000 PRO PCI card and software.

    Not many working hours and mainly sit in it's flight case.
    Turned it on yesterday and all works (controls, galvo scanners..) correctly but noticed that green component is weaker than it is used to be .. so may require some refurbish to bring it's old shine.

    All together (Laser with flightcase, LD2000 and original CD/DVD Pangolin software) goes for sale for 2000 USD ..or best offer :)

    Anyone interested may contact me on: