Frame size changes in LD2000

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by SpongePlop, Mar 24, 2005.

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    First of all, my apologies for the bad English. I'm from Holland, and I speak English pretty good. But when I have to explain problems or other things, my post starts to mess up! But I hope you will understand me!

    Let's say, I work with LD200, and with my LaserShow Performer. When I am at work in a disco, I give my lasershows that way! I use LivePro more than LD200, but LivePro has no problems (yet, lol).

    When I search for my favourite page, I see loads of frames that are loaded in the show I use. When I press a button on the performer, I see the beam! And when I press another button, I see another beam (woohoo). But the problem is this:
    If I would project a circle on a screen, the length between up and down is like 3 meters (huge projectionzone). BUT, when I have pressed another button before my circle, and then I press the circle, the shape is only 1 meter from up till down!

    It does not happen at all the figures, but some! And when having a climax in the music, and you want to put a big big beam on, and only a small darn beam comes out! Whoop, there go's your climax.

    I hope you can help!!!
    I try to explain the problem with a drawing:

    When I choose a simple line _ and after that line is choose the circle, it looks like this 0. So that's a big cirlcle!

    But when I choose a other figure (i.e a square) and I press my button for the circle again, it comes up as: o So that's a small circle!

    I hope you can help me with this! And again, apologies for the bad explanation!
    (I can make a better drawing if you need, just ask me in this thread!!!)

    Thanks in advantage,
    Remco Leuven (SpongePlop)
  2. Pangolin

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    It seems that your problem must be caused by effects THAT ARE STILL ACTIVE before you press the next button on Lasershow Performer. Especially when using LivePRO, not ever cue will completely reset all parameters. Some cues only change the image content, and some other cues only change the effect.

    If you could send us your workspace, and can give us an exact idea of what you do when you see the problem, we will look into it. But my guess is that the system is doing exactly what you are telling it to do, and the problem is that you don't quite know that you are telling it to do that.

    I also invite the comments from Glenn Turner since I am sure he will have some remarks along these lines.

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    Hey Remco,

    Yes, Bill is right in his message. All cues have many functions within them. When you press the first cue, it is outputting not only the image BUT also, "possibly" an effect or even TWO, you can see this working in the MONITOR area live (bottom left of the screen, theres 4 preview windows), look underneath the "track preview window" that your image is playing through and see if there is an effect playting there, it is either the purple or aqua coloured area. NOW, when you press the NEXT cue (circle) the previous cues effect/s may still be running, therefore effecting the new image.

    There is a function that protects this from hapenning. You need to ask yourself, when I press this circle cue, do I want to just play the image with no effect? or do I want to leave the previous effect playing? OR do I want to COMPLETELY reset the TRACK for this new cue? You see there is a function for each of these questions to be answered.

    If you want to just clear out the effects when you hit this cue, then in play mode, click on the circle cue, now goto the "cue tab", maximise the "image" tab and click on the "other" sub tab. You will see there a check box to reset effect, and reset key effect. If you select both these then whenever you click on this cue, it will first clear out the effects.

    NOW, if you want to completely reset the track entirely, by this I mean, each track can be controlled by rotations, positions, size, colour, scan rate etc etc, so to allow this circle cue to reset all of this, you need to use commands. Goto the cue again, look in the "cue tab" scroll dcown to "commands" then in this area you can control the cue to completely reset the entire functions of the track. let me know if this is what you need and I will provide details.

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    Well, as far as I understand you, you are talking about LivePro now! But I'm having this problems in ShowTime (Live).

    I've made a small drawing of the problem! I hope this will help you more then my explaination is words!
    You can find the drawing on this URL:
    Link to the drawing

    Thanks in advantage!
    Remco Leuven
  5. GlennT

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    Ok, sorry, we assumed you were discussing livepro.

    Firstly, I cant see the image link, it gives me an error.

    Your problem seems hard to fix, given the information provided. Every cue in Live! is totaly indipendant, this means that the effects in each cue do not carry onto the next.

    Bill, any ideas?

    My only thought, after you hit the cue that causes the change, goto projection settings and check your master size, it should remain at 100% x and y. Maybe there is a master size effect that allows it to carry on?

  6. SpongePlop

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    That's the image!
    I will check that next time!

    Thanks for the effort :N