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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Scody, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. Scody

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    I have a lot of shows in my old system (Sollinger Laserghaph DSP),

    i am trying to convert these shows to LD2000
    (i have 1 pro card + 3 intro cards)

    With the conversion functions of DSP i can export CATL files (frame library) in ilda format

    But i was unable to export the entire show in ilda (or other ld2000-compatible) format.

    Anyone have done something like this?

    thank you
  2. Tim Walsh

    Tim Walsh Active Member

    I've used both systems, and there is no way to transport the shows between. The programming approaches are completely different. However....

    I worked with Bill Benner a few years ago, we recorded some of my Lasergraph DSP shows using his "ADAT to LD2000" recorder (I believe I recorded the DSP shows to ADAT, send him the tapes for him to record into LD2000 format using his special program,) and then was able to successfully play back the shows in LD2000 (with some work by Bill on the audio track alignment).

    But then the show is simply a huge playback only animation in LD2000, you could not edit it anymore.
  3. firstlight

    firstlight Beta Tester

    LC ADAT is actually built into Beyond now which is pretty handy.
  4. LaserFan

    LaserFan Beta Tester

    Hi, firstlight!
    Where it is possible to learn about it more in detail? In what section BEYOND there is import ADAT files. Whether probably to edit the imported show? Whether is any ADAT file for the test?
  5. firstlight

    firstlight Beta Tester

    In the main grid window under edit towards the bottom of the list you'll find LCADAT. I forget which build it got added in. With it you can import ADAT wave files and convert the signal to a series of frames. The steps you'd need to do are:
    Record Laserghaph DSP show to ADAT
    Export wave files of the show off the HD24 to your computer
    Load wave files into LCADAT
    Optimize and export to a series of frames.
    Using Beyond's timeline or Showtimes, load in the audio file from the ADAT and the series of frame files.
    Place the frames on the timeline. Playback the frame files as a refresh based animation in Showtime or pure refresh based in Beyond.
    That's it!

    With the standalone version of LCADAT you can also record the incoming stream of an ADAT signal if you have lightpipe ADAT input device. I use the MOTU 828 for this. I'm not sure if Pangolin still makes the standalone program available though.

    You're not going to be able to do much editing on the show once it's imported as you'll have a ton of frames and you're locked into the existing timing. But you can do some things such as say, removing a scene you want to replace and putting in new content.
  6. LaserFan

    LaserFan Beta Tester

    Thank you so much, firstlight! I had installed build 557, and I do not see it. Now I can see this feature.
    Do I understand correctly that I can record ADAT-file only if I have both Laserghaph DSP station and HD24?
    Whether is any ADAT file for the test?
  7. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi LaserFan,

    LD2000 actually supports Lasergraph DSP PIC file format directly, so these frames should be importable into LD2000. Phoenix also supports these frames as well. And we're working on this import capability in BEYOND as well.

    Your absolute best bet would be to re-create the shows in LD2000 or BEYOND, but using the original source frames. This will give maximum fidelity and also flexibility.

    The method that the other guys mentioned is possible, but the main problems are:
    1) The resulting show will take a relatively large amount of memory/disk space (relative to that of a typical show that is...)
    2) The resulting show can not be modified in essentially any way, other than simple position, size, rotation type adjustments.
    3) Although both the LD2000 series and BEYOND now support ADAT import, the respective show would need to be in an ADAT format in the first place -- i.e. recorded on ADAT so that it can then be exported (or imported, depending on your perspective).

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  8. LaserFan

    LaserFan Beta Tester

    Many thanks, William!
    I already understood that the best method it to draw all anew in BEYOND.