Got Lumia? Wobbulators are now Available!

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    Greetings, all;

    If you would like to get into Lumia but lack the hardware, help is at hand.

    Introducing the Wobbulator: the add-on device to your existing laser projector that enables lumia, scan-through effects, and diffraction. Works exceptionally well with Beyond and Kvant lasers. As seen in the hit movie Hereditary (where it was used with Beyond Ultimate and a ClubMax 3000).

    This is a bolt-on device that attaches to the front of your projector just in front of the aperture, using the shutter mounting holes for attachment.

    Some of you saw the Wobbulator demo'ed at ILDA last November - and now we are finally in production.

    Price is $600 USD, plus shipping. This includes a lumia disk, PSU, and cable.

    Additional discs with varying amounts of wobbulation and a diffraction grating will be available soon - you can see examples of this at the video page below. The system uses magnetic mounts to make exchanging discs easy. I currently have 10 units in stock, with more expected by the middle of February.

    More info here: (Remember, it's not a web site, it's a Wobb site!)

    Videos here:

    Check it out!