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  1. bosik

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    hi all!!!
    please help me, i need to build effect show on my pc. and play on Grand MA linting mixer, so how i can connect my pc to grand ma or i need build the show in grand ma.
  2. tobzd

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    Hi Bosik

    Are you using Beyond or LivePro.
    I have run shows using my GMA in Livepro.
    If your using Livepro then I can help.
    Beyond I am not so sure yet.
  3. Pangolin

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    Also take a look at our PangolinShows portal. We have Grand MA lighting definitions there for LD2000 and the FB3. The DMX channel assignment that we use on QuickShow (and the "easy" channel assignment in BEYOND) is the same as the FB3 channel assignment.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  4. bosik

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    Thanks I also Live pro, Beyond, but tell me please how i use this program on GMA, are you connect your Live pro on dmx cable or usb
  5. aricha

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    From the MA you can use DMX to control your cues is LivePro / Showtime Live
    you do that from the DMX in on the QM2000

    To control QS / Beyond with DMX you need the Enttec usb DMX Pro

    you can also make a modules in Showtime and sent time code from the MA to trigger those modules for that you need TC2000
  6. tobzd

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    I use my MA with LivePro.
    I connect to my with a dmx cable.
    Then in LD2000 'DMX settings' and 'enable DMX Input'
    Then In LivePro you can then choose the dmx channel assignment

    I have been doing this for a while now and I have tried many different ways to program Live Pro with the MA.
    My tips would be:
    If you making a busking type show: create sequences with your desired looks.
    If you on a cue stack type show: write macros to trigger and disable your laser sequences.

    I hope that helps
  7. Bob@Pangolin

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    Just for informational purposes; Here you can download the GrandMA 2 fixture definitions.

    AVL LASER New Member

    Dear all

    i want to know about the system connection (like input output cable) from pangolin hardware (such as QM2000 PCI, QM2000.NET, FB3) to GrandMA2.

    in here i use QM2000 PCI bus, QM2000.NET and cable use CAT6.
    For the installation, i connect the PC to HUB using CAT6 cable than from HUB to GrandMA PC console using CAT6 cable and using ArtNet too.
    The IP for laser computer i used (xxx is serial my QM2000 card or QM2000.NET) and for GrandMA PC IP i use and ArtNet using IP 192.168.2, and for the all subnet i put
    For laser software i use LD2000 and Beyond.

    After i install it, i patch the pangolin library on MA PC console using the GrandMA definition file from pangolin download.
    After patch on MA PC, i set the Beyond from PC to set up the DMX universe using ArtNet than DMX ArtNet Monitor.

    Unfortunatelly, that system can not run. On my Beyond on my pc that is no input DMX show from DMX Monitor.

    For the question, what is wrong with that? that anyone know for the solutions? Or does any one in here ever try or practice using that?

    Thank u and warm regards
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    Anyone have the answer to that? This is probably what i missed out on as well.
  10. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Please take a look at this video. Here is the explanation how to enable art-net in.

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  11. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Make sure you use IP range 2.x.x.x ! as this is a requirement from GrandMA