Graphic is 'swept' to the side !?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by AhClem, Aug 8, 2005.

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    I'm trying to use an abstract cycloid, which looks like a spiral type of image, in a Showtime scene but the cycloid sweeps to the left. The original graphic was 3d (i.e. in Designer the front view was a circle, the sideview was an oval and the top view was a diagonal line) but I used the Transform/Flatten Z Axis selection on it. In LD2000 When I select the 3D view the image sweeps left, but not when I select the front view. In Showtime, when I add it to the scene timeline it always sweeps left. I've checked for geometric correction on Zone 6 (the scanner I'm using over the network) and I don't see any offsets or corrections. What "double secret' parameter am I missing?

    Ah Clem
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    Hi Ah Clem,

    Thanks for the post. You were on the right track with this Transform/Flatten Z Axis. What this did was to turn all of the Z coordinates to zero. Unfortunately this is only done on the iconic representation of an abstract in LD, and not on the abstract itself.

    There are two solutions to your problem. First, you can edit the Abstract by choosing the SFX/Abstract Generator menu in LD, or by double-clicking on the frame in Showtime. Once the Abstract Generator comes up, move all of the Z SIZE sliders to zero, and then click OK. Another solution would be to make an effect in Showtime called "Flatten", which basically would set Z Scale to zero. Then use this Effect any time you want to show that Abstract.

    I can see how, from a user's perspective, this "Flatten Z Axis" should have worked, so I will change LD2000 to make the tool work that way if you are editing an Abstract frame.

    Best regards,

    William Benner