Halloween and Christmas Laser Shows

Discussion in 'Show-ware' started by Ryan1310, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. Ryan1310

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    The Longway Planetarium is looking for a goof family Halloween laser shows and a good general Christmas laser show. Any ideas? ryan@longway.org
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    You can contact Lighting Systems Design, Inc. (LSDI) at www.lsdi.com or 407-299-9504 for pricing. We have a 10 minute holiday show that features a good variety of material.

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    WOW where is the christmas spirit everyone wants you to buy frames PATHETIC. Learn to share guys .
  5. buffo

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    These guys make their money creating shows. If you want a Christmas show so much, why not make one yourself and then share it? :confused: At the very least, you'll learn how hard it is to make a show.

    I've done a few shows myself, and even though they are *nothing* like the commecial shows that come with Pangolin, they still took me a *long* time to make. Making a good laser show is hard work. Thus I don't begrudge good animators for trying to make a living...