Having more than one Midi Keyboard in Use

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    ich habe zur Zeit zwei Midi Tastaturen, eine 25er und eine 49er.Jede Einzeln funktioniert. Schließe ich Beide an, kann ich bei Einstellungen, Midi Einstellungen, Midi-Eingang 1 oder 2 im Pulldownmenue 2x den 25er auswählen, aber nicht den 49er. Warum erschließt sich mir momentan nicht wirklich.
    Kann man, wenn man es denn mal geschafft hat u.U. einer Tastatur einer "Platte" zu ordnen? Z.B. Tastatur 1 hat Animals und Tastatur 2 Sports. QS 2,5 B 389 auf nem W7/64
    Danke schon mal.

    I`ve got two Midi Keyboards, one with 25 Keys and one with 49. Both work percefet alone. If I put them both on the pc I've got to Midis to choose, but the are both called "Midi25" The 49er is not funktional any more. What I'm doing wrong?
    *update* After a reboot, keyboards changed. I can only choose the 49er and not the 25. Don't know why
    Second Question: Is there a possibility to have sperate patterns to seperate Keyboards? For example Keyboard one has "Animals" and Keyboard 2 has "Sports".
    Im using QS 2.5 with Build 389 on a W7/64
    Sorry if my english isn't that good.
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    no one @ Pangolin has an idea? Theems that i am the only person using this software with keyboards.
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    Dear Moin,

    Regarding the keyboards - seems like it some conflict at system level. You may send a few recent relevant log files to report at pangolin dot com and I will check how the devices enumerated.

    BEYOND and QS use same MIDI IO components, and that is first time when I hear about such problems.

    Regarding the functionality. QS designed for beginners. If you need more then please consider BEYOND software.

    Best Regards,
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    Thanks Alexey for your answer. I'll try to get some log files and will send them.
    As a matter of fact I am a beginner. Thats why i like using the keyboards :) Unfortunally the Midi section is rarly discribed in the help section of QS. Even in the german touturials on You Tube they don't say much about it. So it ery difficult for me to realize what could be the reason of it. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong or not in the correct order.
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    I've finally got it. My 49er and my 25er Keyboard where both from Midistart. Now i bought another one from another company. After some rebooting without any keyboard on the USB an starting and closing QS and then putting on the new 88 Keyboard and the one with the 49 Keys I startet QS and it worked. There must be a Problem with the 25 and the 49 Keyboard software, because both are are from Miditec.
    Now it's working and I can have a try how i can set one site with Athomspherics to one keyboard (49) and another to antoher Keyboard (88). I know there is a list, where you can choose sites, but it`s not long enough to reach until the Athmospherics sites.
    Next thing will be, to manage ist to have more than one site on the big keyboard. It has 88 Keys.
    If someone can help me in these point this would be great, but I`ll try the whole weekend :)
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