Having trouble daisy chaining 2 Laser/Scanners with 1 FB3 in QS

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  1. YourDisco

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    Hi Guys

    We have stumbled across an issue daisy chaining 2 lasers with 1 FB3.

    We used to use QS with our lw CS-1000 and this worked great! now we have also purchased a LANTA RGB 3D Laser that also supports ILDA and are having trouble linking them via the ILDA IN/OUT PORTS on the back of the units.
    Heres what we have been getting:

    1. Laptop/FB3 > CS-1000 = Works fine
    2. Laptop/FB3 > CS-1000 > LANTA 3D = CS-1000 Works but Lanta 3D doesn't
    3. Laptop/FB3 > LANTA 3D = Works fine
    2. Laptop/FB3 > LANTA 3D > CS-1000 = CS-1000 Works but Lanta 3D doesn't

    No matter what we do the lanta laser won't work when linked with the cs-1000 laser.

    Can anyone please help?
  2. micla

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    Dear Mr Marc,

    I've got 2 CS2000 lasers, and though i never tried to conect them like you do, i think your better off with an ILDA splitter witch also mirrors the y line for nicer effects. they cost about 10 dollars

    I've got no knowledge about the ilda protocol, but maybe it does not allow to passtrough a ilda signal like dmx does?
  3. YourDisco

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    Hi Micla,

    Thanks for your response, we had thought that it may be best to order an ILDA Y Splitter and see if that works.

    Hopefully it will!

    Thanks again :)
  4. micla

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    no prob, for my fixtures it works fine, i hope it will too for yours