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  1. big big hug to all friends in the forum,

    This is John Wen who is from Golden Star Stage Lighting Co.,Ltd. I am a new member in this forum.

    Could some gentleman help me for using the LD2000 intro,please?
    I have the LD2000 intro. But I am not good at making the lasershow by it. The problem is that I do not have the teaching video of the LD2000 intro.

    I am so appreciated that some gentleman could send me the teaching video of the LD2000 intro.

    For your friendly help, I would give you the best price of laser light for returning your help.

    We are the manufacturer of the laser light which is with the CNI laser diodes.

    And our laser light is very good at the color combination too.

    It would be wonderful to get the wonderful help from all gentlemen,hehehe

    John Wen----General Manager

    Golden Star Stage Lighting Co.,Ltd

    email :
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    Hey John, I apologize for the delayed reply.

    Have you watched the tutorial DVD that comes with LD2000? It doesn't have one specifically focused on show creation but each one touches on different aspects of content creation which should give you a good enough foundation to create a laser show in Showtime.

    I have thought about making a tutorial for making a LD2000 laser show but have a few things going on at home, leaving me little time for making laser shows; if I were to make a tutorial I would want to do it while making a show. If I can find a way to open up some of my schedule here soon I'll see what I can do. ;)